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Marcy Predmore-McPhee hails from Estes Park, CO, and is married to Tim McPhee. Marcy has been in the life insurance industry for over twenty years and the pair started Private Banking Concepts in 2015. Marcy and her husband Tim have always focused on an education-first mindset to teach individuals the core knowledge and tactical how-to of implementing concepts used by banks and the elite wealthy in their own lives.

Marcy is an avid learner! She has trained and mentored under notable entrepreneurs Bob Proctor, Dave Ramsey, John Dessauer, Ron Rex, Robert Kiyosaki, and Bonnie Thomas and she holds a certificate from the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. More recently Marcy and Tim have moved into advanced areas of wealth and legacy management through an overfunded whole life insurance, infinite banking, complex trusts, private family foundations, and “off-market” high-yield/low-risk investments.

In Marcy’s spare time her hobbies include hiking in her beautiful back yard at Rocky Mountain National Park, her family – including being a grammie to her grandchildren, speaking & teaching, pursuing personal growth, reading, & worshiping.

This is the show where we talk about how ordinary women achieve extraordinary wealth! We interview successful business leaders and entrepreneurs to learn about their journeys, discover what success means to them and go over the various forms of wealth they’ve been able to achieve – and we’ll learn about all the best tips & tricks you can start applying in your own life and career.

While extraordinary wealth comes in a variety of forms, we don’t neglect the financial side and it’s so important for women to feel comfortable talking about money! In this show you’ll also learn about how to:

  • Put your money to work,
  • Keep your money in motion, and
  • Use your money to enjoy life today without stealing from tomorrow!
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